Thursday, May 31, 2007

2007 Atlantic & Eastern Pacific Forecast (May 31st)

Here is the final Typhoon Times forecast for the 2007 Hurricane season in the Atlantic and Eastern Pacific.


Named Storms: 19
Hurricanes: 8

Eastern Pacific:

Named Storms: 21
Hurricanes: 8

This forecast is the same as the Typhoon Times' early April prediction.

While the forecast will no longer be revised, as it makes no sense to change the "forecast" for the season while said season is on-going, we will be doing monthly round-ups to measure how the forecast is fairing.

We will also compare it to other forecasts for the season, such as the one furnished by Colorado State (which was also unchanged from their April forecast):

The Colorado State University hurricane research team renewed its forecast for an "above average" 2007 Atlantic storm season on Thursday and predicted 17 tropical storms, with nine growing to hurricane strength.

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